Re-Routing Week 5-Road Work Ahead

“I believe in God, the Father, Creator of heaven and earth…”

How often do I say these words every week at Mass and never really think about what I am saying.  When we watched the video “How Great is Our God?” by Louie Guglia this week, I was thinking about this.  I have watched this video at least a dozen of times and every time I watch it something new hits me.  I love the last 10 minutes or so of this video the most.  I cry when I listen to these last 10 minutes, not only because it overwhelms me, but because God overwhelms me and I think how can I not trust Him with my life?  How can I question His plan so easily?  How can I not love more? Why am I not down on my knees in gratitude every minute of every day because God created me out of nothingness to share in His beauty and goodness?  I have been through a lot of things in my life and I can honestly say that choosing to trust God, the Creator of the Universe, is not easy.  That sounds so absurd!  Really?  If I can’t trust the Creator of the Universe, then who can I trust? By God’s grace, ever since I became a widow almost 2 years ago,  I realize more and more every day  that there is absolutely no other way to live than by trusting God.  But, what does that mean concretely?  This is what it means for me.  It means I don’t do ANYTHING big without taking it to prayer.  It means I don’t make decisions in the heat of anger, sorrow or sadness.  It means I am patient. It means I look to the word of God for answers to moral and spiritual dilemmas. It means I thank God in all circumstances and for all things–both good and bad.  It means I try to live a moral life and when I fail, I repent. It means I put my hope in Him and nothing else. It means I let Him love me.  I asked a spiritual director a couple of years ago this question, “How do I know when something is from God and not from my own head?” and he said “when it is rooted in Truth and Love, then you know it comes from God.”  Great answer! But, I have also learned that you have to know what Truth is and you have to know what Love is– meaning I have to know Jesus.

Here are some words from “How Great is our God?” that help me know who Jesus is.

“So,  you are at the toughest place in your life? How can you know that God is going to hold you together and bring you through?  You know because there is a cross standing over history and it is looming over this building tonight.  It is the place where the Star-Breather became the Sin- Bearer where the Universe-Maker became mankind’s Savior and it is proof that God doesn’t always change the circumstances.  He did not change them for Jesus on that hillside outside of Jerusalem. But, the cross is also proof that God always has a purpose in the circumstances and that His purpose and His plan will prevail & will triumph through any circumstance in this world.”  Through death, through illness, through trials, through temptations, God’s plan will prevail and He will stand in the midst of all this with us, “I will renew your strength and when you think you can’t take one more breath, I will give you enough to keep going on, and to keep going,….”


Father, I pray tonight that I will personally know the depth of your love for me as you are  “star-breather” who became the “sin-bearer”. Watch over my children as they sleep and when they are awake, help me to be a living example to them of God’s great love story.  I prayer in a special way for marriages and families and for all priests, deacons, laity and religious sisters who make it their mission to further God’s plan for all of creation, in particular, God’s plan for marriage.  Thank you for the gift of wisdom. Thank you for the gift of life.  Amen.

There is another great video that I have watched with my kids that is worth viewing with your family.  It is by the Skitguys and the title is “God’s Chisel–Remastered.”  “You are God’s masterpiece.”












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